Tuesday, May 21, 2013

So far, so good...

I decided, painful or not, I HAD to go for a run today.

Oo, I downloaded a really cool free app this morning for my iPhone.  It's a pedometer, but also measures calories burned, time, etc.  So as soon as it loaded, I was out the door.

I headed down the driveway, and started with a power walk, just to loosen up my muscles.  After about a block, I decided to try a slow jog.  ARGHHH!!!  My legs were SCREAMING!  I'm embarrassed to say, I abandoned my plan to run to my parents' house.  I went a few blocks, then turned down a side street and headed back toward home.  According to my cool, new pedometer, it was a half-mile in about 10 minutes.  Not bad, considering it was mostly fast walking.

I came in the house, and immediately felt like a turd.  And truthfully, after all that moving, my legs actually felt a little better.  So...I headed right back out the door!  I yelled down to Stud on my way out that he was going to have to come pick me up at his grandparents' house, and I took off.

I was really so afraid of hurting myself, that I took it way easier than I did Saturday.  I just power walked until I was out of my neighborhood.  Once I crossed the street that serves as the border between Chicago and my parents' town, I started running.  I planned to use the same system I used on Saturday, with the street lights.  But, since I hadn't run at all yet, I was able to run two lights down, before walking one.  I kept that up until I was about 3/4 of the way to my parents'.  Then I went back to the one walking, one running. 

I called Stud when I was about 3 blocks away to let him know he should leave our house.   Then I realized I could just have my dad drive me home.  I told Stud I would call him back when I got there. 

When I got there, no one was home!  Eesh!  I called Stud back, and luckily, he didn't listen (as always!) and was already on his way.  I decided that instead of just standing there waiting, I would start running back toward home, and just meet him where I meet him. 

Turns out I only got about 2 blocks before he was there.  AND, the little angel brought me a bottle of cold water!  I love that goofy kid! =)

We stopped at the store on the way home to get a few things.  I actually had Stud snap a photo of me, so I could see if I was presentable enough to be seen in public.
He lied and said I was.  The little wienie! 

After we grabbed a few things and came out, I was still feeling the "high," and told Stud I was just going to run home.  (The store is at the very intersection where I cross over out of the city into my parents' town.)  I started across the parking lot, and then just stopped.  "What the HELL are you thinking?!" is what I screamed in my head.  I was going to do EXACTLY the same thing I did to myself on Saturday.  Thank God I came to my senses. 

I'm just happy I was able to get out at all today.  I was in unbelievable pain on Sunday, and yesterday wasn't so hot, either. 

According to my pedometer, I walk/ran 5,901 steps, 3.179 miles, in 54 minutes.  This thing actually gives a calorie count, as well.  (How the hell does this thing work?!)  It says 349.4 calories.  Not nearly what I burn on the elliptical, but that's ok.  I'm just glad I did it!


  1. Fantastic, keep it up. Oh and if it's the same pedometer thing I got you can just ignore the .99 upgrade, it will still work.

  2. GO GIRL!!
    It's called lactic acid build up...and you feel like just lying in bed and not moving...but once you start moving it goes away...usually :)

    great app...I have a Garmin watch that does the same thing...and shows a little map of where I ran, distance, calories burned, etc. Really helps in swimming because I suck at counting laps.

    Happy Tuesday!