Monday, May 20, 2013

Naturally, I spoke too soon...

Wow, am I a big dummy.  I TOTALLY overdid it Saturday, and I've been paying the price ever since.

My brother called me Saturday afternoon to see if I could work at the bar, as one of his bartenders ended up in the hospital overnight with an emergency appendectomy.  I wasn't sure about being on my feet all night, after that run, but I said sure.

My legs were actually ok.  It was my back and hips that were getting progressively more sore as the night wore on.  All that pounding on the cement was probably not the best thing for these old joints.  Plus, I'm still hauling around at least 60 excess pounds.

It was a long, busy night at the bar, and I didn't get home until 6am Sunday morning.  (Ahhh, I miss the good ol' days when that happened EVERY Friday and Saturday!)  I absolutely HAD to be up and out of bed no later than 10 for church, so I tried to go right to sleep.  Well, when the alarm went off, and I tried to get out of bed, I very nearly screamed out loud.  My legs were on FIRE!  That would have been bad enough, but we had a very full schedule of events yesterday, so there was going to be no sitting around and resting.  I spent the rest of the day hobbling around like someone who had both legs run over by a semi.

Today, I'm feeling only slightly better.  It's the worst after I've been still for a bit.  Once I actually get moving, and the muscles loosen up a bit, it gets better.  But, stairs make me literally cry out, and there's NO way to avoid them around here.  Even worse, Buster is now to the point where he can't do the stairs anymore, so I have to carry him down several times a day so he can go out.  I've been terrified that I'm going to fall, and then fall on top of him and kill him.  Thankfully, he can go up the stairs on his own.

I'm really pissed at myself for messing up my "training schedule" so badly.  Like I said, my intention was to at least run to my parents' house every day until the 5K.  Well, now I've already missed yesterday, and I seriously doubt I'll be doing it today.  Ugh!  I'm going to take Mel's advice and take a bath with some epsom salts, and pop some Advil, then see how I feel.

I feel like I let you guys down, which I know is silly, but I can't help it.  I definitely let myself down. 

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