Saturday, July 6, 2013

Tried something different...

Yeah, it's been a couple days.  I know, I'm a loser =(

Thursday was the 4th (duh!) and then yesterday I just never got around to it.

But, today I got my jiggly butt to the gym.  I was LIVID to see someone on my machine again!  The nerve!!  So I thought I would just get on "my" treadmill, and wouldn't you know it...someone was on that, too!!  ARGH!!

So, I decided to suck it up and just get on a different elliptical machine.  It was actually closer to the TV that I wanted to watch, anyway, so I figured, what the hell! 

Well, guess what.  The damn sound didn't work!  I even tried the machine next to it.  Nope, no sound for the channel I wanted to watch.  Poop.  I told the girl at the desk, who said she had just reset it that morning, and she'd do it again. 

In the meantime, I moved down to the middle of the gym, to the other TV set to HGTV, and got on the treadmill in front of it.  Yep, you guessed it...NO SOUND!  I assumed the problem was with the machine, but it was with the TVs.  Luckily about 5 minutes into my workout, someone reset them. 

Ok, back to the workout.  I decided to try and do something different on the treadmill.  There's a setting that says "fitness test" that I had been wanting to explore.  I figured, since I can't really watch the show I wanted, why not try it.  The test is only 5 minutes long.  However, I'm going to ask one of the trainers next week about doing it again.  You set your own speed, which I thought was weird, and I don't think I set it high enough.  I don't even understand the "results" that scrolled across the screen when the 5 minutes was up, but the last thing that scrolled was "low."  I assume that means my "score" was low.  Who knows!

By the time I finished the test, the TV was fixed, so I tuned into HGTV and got busy.  I decided to try another new setting on the treadmill.  There's a program called "fat burning" that has my name all over it!  But, again, you set your own speed.  I set it higher this time, but I wasn't really sure if it was "right."  You also set your own target heart rate.  I had NO idea what to put.  I'm going to figure it out after I finish here.  I know that when I first started at the gym, the trainer had me use a worksheet to figure out my target heart rate for fat burning, and if I remember correctly, it was 145.  However, your weight is used in the "formula."  Well, since I joined the gym, I've lost about 25 lbs., so I guess that's not accurate anymore.  Like I said, I'm going to look it up in a minute.

This program basically keeps you in the fat burning zone, based on your heart rate.  However, this program uses incline to keep your heart rate where it needs to be.  Well, my lazy ass has never used the incline feature on the treadmill,  Cuz, DUH!  It's harder!! 

It wasn't awful, but it was work.  And, my back was killing me about half-way through.  But, I finished the 65 minutes, no problem. 

But, I was still feeling guilty about not doing any running today.  My SIL and I made plans to go for a run tomorrow, since we're doing our next 5k in less than a month.  (Yikes!)  But, I planned to run on the treadmill today.  So, I decided to try and run a little. 

By now, my legs were a little wobbly, since I had already done 70 minutes of serious walking.  I thought I could handle 15 minutes (which was perfect, since there was 15 minutes left of the episode I was watching of House Crashers!)  Yeah, well, 15 minutes of RUNNING was not gonna happen. =(

I ran for 3 minutes, then walked for 1, then ran for 3, etc. until the 15 minutes was up.  There was a 3 minutes "cool down" time, so I ran for the first minute, then walked the rest.  I was going to run the whole thing, but the machine automatically slows down during the cool down, and it was hard to even WALK that slow, let alone run.

By the time I got off the treadmill, my legs were like noodles.  I didn't do any machines today.  Worse yet, I didn't get a massage today!  The machine wasn't working when I was there on Wednesday, and it still hasn't been fixed.  Grrr!  The control screen doesn't work, so there's no way to change the settings.  I tried the lowest setting on Wednesday when I was there, but it was awful.  It just felt like I had bugs crawling on me.  I hope they get it fixed Monday.

All together, I did 88 minutes on the treadmill.  Not too shabby, right?

Here are the numbers:

Fitness Test
I didn't think to check calories burned, so I don't know =(
.25 miles
5 minutes

Fat Burning Walk
585 calories (now THAT'S what I'm talking about.  Guess I should make more use of that incline, huh?)
3.66 miles
65 minutes

182 calories
1.24 miles
18 minutes

Today's Total
767 calories (+ whatever from test)
4.90 miles
88 minutes

2013 Jogging/Walking Totals
22.15 miles

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Thank God for great friends much for getting my mojo back...

I've been slacking again.  I keep making excuses to myself to rationalize my missing the gym.  But, I know it's all just bull.

The night I last posted, I went and bought a new bed.  I stupidly set up delivery for the next day instead of waiting until I moved the old bed out, ripped out the disgusting carpeting and painted the walls.  My delivery window was 9am-1pm.  So, I clearly didn't go to the gym that morning. 

I was up and moving first thing in the morning, to strip the old bed, take it out of the room, vacuum the colony of dust bunnies that took up residency under the old bed, dust all the furniture, and move some of it, as I decided to rearrange the whole layout of the room.  I also brought the huge TV from my living room into the bedroom and replaced the little one that was in there.  I then set up Magnum's ENORMOUS big screen in the living room.  I tried to tell myself that all of that was a pretty good workout in and of itself.  By the time they finally showed up at almost 1!, and set up the entire shebang, it was late afternoon.  Then, I had to make the bed, and rearrange a few more things.  I was wiped out by the time I finished.  So, yeah, I'm counting that as a workout for the day!

I made it to the gym Saturday morning (numbers below) and then I had lunch with an old friend.  He totally made my day with his reaction to my new size.  I hadn't seen him in person since right before I started this little adventure, so he last saw me at my worst.

Sunday, I made more excuses.  We go to church every Sunday, so unless I go at the crack of dawn, I can't do it in the morning.  Then, this Sunday, after church, we went to Indiana to my cousin's house for a cookout.  Another day shot to hell.

That brings us to Monday.  I didn't mention that there was a little hole in my brand new mattress.  I immediately called the mattress store, and they arranged for the replacement to be delivered on Monday.  Same delivery window, so another morning I couldn't go to the gym.  After the new mattress came (much earlier this time, and only needed about 10 minutes from start to finish) I decided to go shopping for new bedding.  That basically took the entire afternoon.

Yesterday, I decided to spend most of the day in my new bed.  I hadn't slept at all the night before, so I climbed into bed after Magnum went to work, and basically just stayed there.  It was a dreary, gloomy, rainy day, which is perfect for a day in bed.  I got up around lunchtime, though, and did some stuff around here, including making one of my favorite crock pot dinners.  But, all and all, not a very "physical" day.

Now, today?  I thought for sure I'd be missing the gym again, since my brother called me at about 7:30 this morning.  He wanted me to meet him and Monkey for breakfast.  That took a weird turn, and needless to say, we didn't finish until about 11.  I decided I would run a few errands, which included a trip to Menards.  When I came home, I did some things around the yard with the stuff I picked up at Menards.  I started to accept the fact that this was going to be yet ANOTHER day of missing the gym. 

I went so far as to put my workout clothes on, but just kept putting off the gym.  But then, a friend called and turned the day around.  (She's a fellow Hell-Hole escapee!)  She called to tell me that she's been lurking here, and on my other blog, and wanted to tell me how proud she was of me, how amazed she is by my progress, and how great she thinks I look.  It changed my whole afternoon.  After we talked for a while, we said our good byes, and I headed straight to the gym for a hell of an awesome workout!

So, Liz, if you're lurking again, I just want to say "THANK YOU!" for getting me up and moving!!!

Ok, here are the numbers:

I tried the treadmill again, but it didn't go well.  Between the workout on Thursday, and then moving furniture all day on Friday, I just couldn't do it.  I only spent 15 minutes on the treadmill.  5 minutes walking, 5 jogging, then 5 walking again.

137 calories
1.13 miles
15 minutes

482 calories
4.57 miles
50 minutes
Ab crunches 2x30@65
Straight Arm Ab 2x30@80
AbCoaster 30 reps forward, 30 on right, 30 on left (Today, someone had left all 4 plates on the machine, so I left it that way.  I didn't really notice a difference.)
Inner thigh 2x30@105
Outer thigh 2x30@100
Pull Downs 2x30@50
Shoulder press 30@10, 4x15@10
Obliques 2x30@80

645 calories
7.03 miles (again, thanks, Liz!!)
Ab crunches 2x30@65
Straight Arm Ab 2x30@80
AbCoaster 30 reps forward, 30 on right, 30 on left (There were only 3 plates on it today.  Since I don't really know how to change it, I left it that way.  However, today I think I figured out the secret to the machine, and I really felt it.)
Inner thigh 2x30@105
Outer thigh 2x30@100
Pull Downs 2x30@50
Shoulder press 2x30@10, 4x15@10 (woo hoo!  I was able to add another set of 30 straight!)
Obliques 2x30@80

Walking/Running Totals
17.25 miles

2013 Elliptical Totals
42,235 calories
362.03 miles