Friday, January 11, 2013


Had Monkey again on Wednesday.  Thought I was going to have her yesterday, which completely screwed up my workout.  I'll explain in a minute.

633 calories
4.72 miles
65 minutes
Ab crunches 2x30@30
Straight arm 2x30@40
Inner thigh 2x30@50
Outer thigh 2x30@50

This was the day I thought I was getting Monkey.  The night before, we met my brother for dinner, then I went back to the bar with him to help him make food.  I had been up since 4am, and I was fading fast.  I ended up getting home a little after 2am, got to bed at 2:30am, but woke up around 5:30 when Magnum got up.  I stayed up, since I assumed I was getting Monkey.  Well, finally at close to 8:30, I texted her mom, only to find out she took her over to her parents' house for the day.  WTF?! 

Since I had only slept about 3 hours, I decided to lie down, and fell asleep at maybe 9:30.  I actually slept until about 2 in the afternoon!  When I woke up, I decided I needed to get to the gym.  However, I wasn't feeling so hot.  My body felt like lead.  I'm thinking it's probably because it had been about 20 hours since I'd eaten anything.  I went to the gym anyway, but regretted it pretty quickly.  I just could not get moving.  I ended up only doing about 30 minutes on the elliptical, and then I had to leave.  Here are my numbers anyway.

291 calories
2.08 miles
30 minutes

I came home, took a shower, and got in bed with Magnum to watch a movie.  I prepared a bunch of snacks, which the poor guy didn't even get to taste.  I was starving!!  He was in so much pain, he didn't even care.

Oh, wait, I guess I forgot to mention this.  He had gone to the gym at our usual time, but was home in about a half hour.  I knew immediately something was wrong.  He pulled/strained something in his back, and has been dying ever since.  I KNOW he's in a lot of pain, because he has basically been immobile.  He didn't even go to his parents' house today, which is unbelievable.  He also made arrangements last night for people to cover his shift at work today.  He spent the rest of yesterday in bed, with me putting Icy/Hot on his back every couple of hours.  He slept most of the day.  The longest he was awake was during the movie we watched.  Then he was dozing again.

When I left for the gym this morning, I left him in bed, after applying some Icy/Hot.  When I came home 2 hours later, he had gotten up and moved to the chair in the living room.  But, he was clearly in a LOT of pain.  I pulled out the heating pad, and set him up in the chair.  He hasn't really moved since then, and it's late afternoon now.  I feel so bad for him. 

Ok, back to ME!  (hahaha!)  Here are today's numbers:
624 calories
4.36 miles (I'm not thrilled with either of these numbers, but I'm cutting myself some slack.  I'm still feeling a little "off" today.  Maybe I'm overdoing it?)
65 minutes
Ab crunches 2x30@40
Straight arm 30@40, 30@50
Inner thigh 2x30@50
Outer thigh 2x30@50
Oblique 30@50 (only did one set today, but at a higher weight.  Think I'll go back down tomorrow)

I didn't do any Donkey Kicks today, since my legs were still feeling a bit leaden.  I DID, however, take advantage of my newly upgraded membership, and enjoyed the hell out of a Hydro Massage.  I need to start doing that every day.  (I don't think I shared that I upgraded, did I?  I upgraded to the Black Card last week.  It's only $10 more a month (now I pay $20/month) but it's SO worth it.  The main reason I did it is so that Stud can come with us.  Black Card members can bring a guest every time they go to the gym, and it can be the same person every single time.  We could have gotten Stud his own membership for $10 a month, but by upgrading, I can take advantage of all the Black Card perks.  Besides being able to bring a guest, I can get unlimited Chair Massages and Hydro Massages.  If you've never had a Hydro Massage, you totally should!!  I'm sure you can't even get ONE for $10, and I get to have one every day.  There are a few other perks like unlimited tanning (which I would never in a MILLION years use) and I can go to ANY Planet Fitness.  Anyway, Stud has been joining us, much to his dismay.  Magnum is determined to have him ripped by this summer.  Stud is NOT happy.)

2013 Totals
6563 calories
37.6 miles


  1. You have been busy, Lisa! Way to go girl! I used to love working out every used to make me feel high as a a good way of course!!lol
    You will not regret that you are doing this especially at your young will all pay off when you are older because you are now building a good foundation that will 'hold you' when you really need it. Good on you Lisa for sticking to this.

    What? No snow in Chicago? What's going on? You don't have to think about that....the answer is too depressing! Good to see you today at my blog, always is. Have a great weekend Kiddo!!

  2. So this is what you have been up to! Yeah you. So freakin hard! Nice to see someone with some motivation, could I borrow it:)

  3. You are inspiring - and that upgrade sounds well worth it! I hope Magnum's pain gets under control and the strain heals soon.

  4. I have no idea what a hydro massage is but I want one!
    Go Girlfriend!!
    Doing the Postal Swim tomorrow at 8...and it is sooooo cold here. Might be 38 when we get to the outdoor pool!

  5. I am able to gt hydro massages with my membership too. I went through a phase of getting them almost nightly. Now, I get them about once a week.

    And you know...heat is really bad for a bad back. As icky as it sounds, ice works MUCH better. Twenty minutes on and then an hour off. Sounds horrid, especially in the Winter, but trust works much better than heat. Heat makes everything expand, which just causes more pain.