Monday, January 21, 2013


You may have noticed there was no post yesterday.  If you did, thank you for not mentioning it!

Yes, I skipped the gym yesterday.  (GASP!)  I just couldn't do it.  I woke up to another 2 pounds gone, though, which made me happy.  But, I'm afraid that has a lot to do with the aforementioned stress level as of late, and the fact that I haven't really eaten in about 4 days.  I know, that's NOT good, but it's really not intentional.  The knot in my stomach just won't let me eat.  I tried on Saturday, and basically threw up all day. 

So, between the crappy sleep, the high stress, and the no food, my body just said, "I quit."  And, I figured I should listen.  I don't want to hurt myself somehow by pushing too hard.

This morning, however, I had already decided that come hell or high water, I was dragging my ass to the gym.  I was there bright and early, and by 6am, I was on the elliptical.  I still felt like I was dragging, but I figured I wasn't going to worry about it.  As long as I kept moving for the 65 minutes, I wasn't going to focus on the numbers.  Well, yeah, that lasted about 15 minutes.  For the next 15 minutes, I just kept telling myself there was no way I was going to hit 5 miles, and I suck.  For the next 15 minutes, I really tried to step it up, and I was feeling pretty good.  For the last 15 minutes, I realized I just might be able to pull it off if I REALLY stepped it up.  Here's where I ended up after 65 minutes:

626 calories
5.10 miles

WHEW!!  I was able to hit 5 miles!!  I'm not thrilled with the fact that my calories burned keeps going down with my weight, but it is what it is.  I suppose I'm still burning calories on the machines, but I have no way to know how many.  I just need to stop obsessing over it, huh?

For a couple of reasons, I added a new machine today.  First, because my quads have been a bit sore.  I actually had to cut back on the Donkey Kicks because for some reason, I REALLY feel it in my quads, even though it's supposed to tone your behind.  I only did half today.  The second reason for the new machine is that I've been dying to do something for my arms since I started at the gym, but I just didn't know what to do.  Today, I sucked it up, and checked out a few machines all by my big self, and decided on the shoulder press machine.  I have ZERO upper body strength, so it was tough.

 Ab crunches 2x30@50
Straight arm abs 2x30@50
 Inner thigh 2x30@60
Outer thigh 2x30@60
Donkey Kicks 15@50
Obliques 30@50 (I only did half of these, too, cuz I was fading fast)
Shoulder press 25@10  (yeah, 10 lbs was all I could handle.  sad.)

2013 Totals
11,615 calories
76.35 miles


  1. Hey there! Congratulations on an amazing accomplishment of 50! You are inspiring me to go get my butt to the gym tonight. I've been having a hard time getting on track.

    Also, have you heard of the Polar heart rate monitor? I have one and absolutely love it. You can keep track of your training sessions and constantly see if you're in your heart rate zone. You should check it out. xoxo

  2. I'm with you on the quads. For some reason mine are always the first to take any exercise seriously. You are rockin' the gym girl. Someday I will get to work out again. Now I have to go catch up some more so I can see why you're so stressed!