Thursday, February 21, 2013


Good day today!

650 calories
6.25 miles (woo hoo!)
65 minutes

Ab crunches 2x30@60
Straight arm abs 2x30@70
Inner thigh 2x30@80
Outer thigh 2x30@80
Shoulder press 6x15@10
Chest Press 4x30@10
Obliques 2x30@70

After my two delightful Hydro Massages, I made an appointment with the trainer for tomorrow.  We're going to work on my arms, which are just so pitifully weak.  She's really sweet, and we talked for a while today about what we're going to do tomorrow.  I'm excited.  This is a different trainer than the one I met with when I first joined the gym.  Not sure what happened to Meg, but now Alison is the trainer.  At least I think that's her name....I'll find out in the morning!

2013 Elliptical Totals (that's better, and more accurate, right?)
22,536 calories

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  1. Love Love Love your progress!! My trainer is a former D-1 football AND basketball player for Florida State - maybe out 10 years? He stresses the importance of changing things up. Like today we did the ab cruch machine - 15 at 40, then 12 at 30 (NO rest in between) which really made me feel the burn. Short rest then he bumped it to 50 and I did 5, then immediately to 60 and I did 5. I wanted to die. He does this with various machines to keep my muscles from getting a "Memory" and to build strength. Ask your trainer about it! Damn it works.

    And I have to brag just a little b/c you will understand. I leg pressed 445 pounds the other day (with my trainer standing guard but not helping) He started at 12@ 250, then 10 @ 325 then 8 @ 375 then 6 at 445. I was so outrageously psyched that I could do it with good form! And my quads did NOT hurt the next day. He explained why not but I don't remember! LOL despite being an athlete all my life I can't believe how much I am learning from him!