Thursday, February 28, 2013

If I were an only child...

...I might not keep missing my workouts!!

The other day, it was my brother calling because his car broke down.  This morning, it was my sister calling because she locked herself out of her house!  Which means she had no car keys, either, so I had to drive to her house (way south of my house) and then drive her to the train station (north of my house!) so she could get to work.  In between, though, we did stop at a store near the train station, and took care of the centerpieces for our father's party, so that worked out well.

Once I was dressed and out of the house for my sister, I figured I might as well go pick up my mother so we could go to the restaurant where we're having the party to finalize the menu.  After dropping my sister off at the train, I drove back the other way (again!) to my mother's house, and we then went almost all the way back to my sister's, to the restaurant.  That's a lot of driving around when gas is nearly $5 a gallon here!

But, most of the big stuff is done for the party, which is awesome.  There are just a few minor details for us to take care of, and it won't take long to do.  In the meantime, the entire day went by, and I never got to the gym.  That's what I get for answering my phone!

Truthfully, I know it's just an excuse, and I'm not really blaming my family for my not getting to the gym.  But, I'm a creature of habit, and once my routine gets knocked out of whack, my whole day is off.  I need to learn to be more flexible, I guess.

Hopefully, I'll have something gym-related to post tomorrow!!

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  1. You are so lucky to live near your family! I would gladly give up time to help my sister, dad and mom who I lost so long ago.

    The advantage is that your muscles should be rested to go for a good PR workout!

    I was so tired today after Read Across America...I really didn't want to swim and by the time I made it to the carpool spot to meet my husband- who had forgotten my workout bag- that we just came home...and here I rest!