Friday, February 8, 2013

I did it!

I don't know how I keep getting behind here.  What's my problem!?

I ended up skipping the gym on Tuesday.  Like I said on Monday, after 2 hours at the gym, I came home and shoveled for about an hour and a half, so I didn't feel too too guilty about that.  Plus, when I woke up on Tuesday, I could feel all that shoveling in my back.  Most of you know I have a bad back, and all the shoveling I did on Sat. and Mon. finally reared it's ugly head. 

But, Wednesday I was back in the routine.  I didn't go too crazy, since my back was still a bit touchy.  Here are my numbers:

643 calories
5.77 miles
65 minutes
Ab Crunches 2x30@50
Straight Arm Ab 2x30@60
Inner Thigh 2x30@70
Outer Thigh 2x30@70
Shoulder Press 4x15@10
Obliques 2x30@50

Yesterday, I ended up going a little later to the gym (mostly because I wanted to make sure Stud got off to school.  I know, I need to back off a bit, but that's a post for the other blog!)  I was feeling really drained all morning, and just couldn't get moving.  I thought maybe it was still an after effect of all the shoveling.  But, for some reason, it seems that on the days I feel the most tired, I seem to be able to work the hardest.  Is it because I go later in the day?  I have no idea.  But, check this out!

650 calories
6 miles!!! (yep, I DID IT!)
65 minutes
Ab Crunches 2x30@50
Straight Arm Ab 30@70 (thought I'd try bumping it up a little, but I was losing form so I went back down)
Straight Arm Ab 30@60
Inner Thigh 2x30@80 (I bumped these up, too, and it felt great.  Talk about feeling the burn!)
Outer Thigh 2x30@80
Shoulder Press 4x15@10
Obliques 2x30@60 (bumped up)

I've still been doing my 2 Hydro Massages every day, which is such an absolute treat.  It's my little reward to myself for working so hard.  Yesterday, for the first time, someone was using the machine when I went to sign in, so I had to wait 5 minutes.  One of the girls working the desk asked if I wanted to try the Chair Massage while I was waiting.  I hadn't done it yet because I had a feeling I wouldn't like it, but I thought, "What the hell!"  Yeah, well, I was right.  It was way too hard for me.  There are these little "knobs" that knead your back which I hated.  I do NOT like deep, hard massages.  That's why I LOVE the Hydro Massage.  The Chair Massage changes every minute, so just when I thought I'd had enough, and was about to get up, it would change to something else like vibrating.  But, most of it was that hard, knobby massage, so I won't be doing THAT again.  Just as my Chair Massage ended, the man who was getting the Hydro came out to ask for a 2nd one.  The kid at the desk told him no, since I was waiting, but I told him to go ahead and enjoy himself.  Lord knows, I understand the need for two of those babies!  Plus, I was glad to see I wasn't the only one who does that.  I used the free WiFi to check email for that 5 minutes, which really flew by.  The man came out smiling, and thanking me profusely.  I then enjoyed my 2 massages, and went home with my own smile on my face. =)

Now, all that good news being said, it is now almost noon, and I have yet to get to the gym today.  I'm not really hurting, but I definitely feel yesterday's increases.  Plus, it's really cold today, with a freezing rain/snow that's been falling all morning.  I told myself I would go at noon, but that's in 10 minutes, and I'm not even dressed yet.  What?!  It's been a lazy morning, sorry!

If I do find the motivation to go, I'll be back to share my numbers.  But, to be honest, if I leave the house, it'll probably just be to run errands and do some grocery shopping.  

2013 Totals
18,036 calories
132.52 miles

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