Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hmmm...could there be a connection...

...between the fact that I upped my weight on the leg machine yesterday, and the fact that my legs were dead this morning? 

I felt like I was dragging the minute I stepped on the elliptical.  As a matter of fact, about halfway through my sluggish workout, I started to think it might have something to do with the fact that I got my period this week, which always makes me feel sluggish and tired.  I even decided I would come home and check back through my posts to the last time I posted about feeling like this to see I also had my period then.

But then, when I got home and was getting ready to get in the shower, the soreness in my legs reminded me that I upped the weight on the leg machines yesterday.  I really felt it today, too, as I was working out, but I didn't make the connection then.

Well, despite feeling like I was dragging, I still had a pretty good workout.  I couldn't even do my interval stuff today.  I tried at the first 9-minute mark, but I could barely get through the full minute.  So I just plugged along until my 65 minutes was up.  Here's how it went.

642 calories
5.93 miles (not too shabby, right?)
65 minutes

Ab crunches 2x30@60
Straight arm abs 2x30@70
Inner thigh 2x30@90
Outer thigh 2x30@90
Chest Press 6x30@10 (added 2 sets today, since I really need to work on these arms!)
Shoulder Press 8x15@10
Pull Down 2x30@20 (I upped this from 10 to 20 today, but it still felt way too easy, so I upped it a bit and did 2 more sets)
Pull Down 2x30@30 (I'll see how 4 sets at this weight feels tomorrow)
Obliques 2x30@70

2013 Elliptical Totals
25,103 calories
197.27 miles

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