Friday, November 1, 2013

Excuses, excuses....

It's no secret that I've been slacking off.  Hell, the last time I recorded a workout here was JULY 6!!  That's just ridiculous!  I'm really so angry with myself, I could just scream.

If you ever check in over at the other blog, you know I've been dealing with a lot of "crap" in my life.  But, EVERYONE has crap in their lives.  I need to stop letting that screw me up, and I NEED to get back on track.

There ARE a few workouts that have happened that I just didn't post about.  I keep a log in my phone of every workout, and I found a few I never listed.

631 calories
6.82 miles
65 minutes

(I have no idea why this was only an elliptical day.  I have no machines listed.)

613 calories
5.67 miles
65 minutes
Ab crunches 2x30@65
Straight Arm Ab 2x30@80
AbCoaster 30 reps forward, 30 on right, 30 on left
(again, I have no idea why I wouldn't have done the rest of the machines.  This was only 2 days after I ran The Biggest Loser 5K, so maybe I was sore?  Who knows...)

616 calories
6.01 miles
65 minutes
Ab crunches 2x30@65
Straight Arm Ab 2x30@80
AbCoaster 30 reps forward, 30 on right, 30 on left
Inner thigh 2x30@100
Outer thigh 2x30@110
Pull Downs 2x30@50
Shoulder press 30@10, 4x15@10
Obliques 2x30@80

After this, there is LONG hiatus from the gym.  It's really embarrassing.  However, I DID start running at the park down the street a few times a week.  As much as I actually enjoy the running (the park is pretty, it's peaceful and quiet, and I get a lot of good "thinking" done while I run) I was really hurting myself by JUST running.  That's only half of my "usual" workout.  It takes care of the cardio, but I really need to get that hour on the machines.  I can see such a difference in my body.  Despite the fact that I haven't gained any weight (somehow, I managed to lose 5 more pounds, but I can't explain it) I can tell my clothes are fitting differently.  I'm getting rolls again, which tells me fat is creeping back in somewhere.  Yeah, we all know "muscle weighs more than fat" so that worries me even more.  Clearly I'm losing muscle, and gaining fat.  I can tell my muscles are getting "soft" again, and I don't like it.

A couple weeks ago, I took my brother to my gym as a guest.  It was when I went to log my workout that I saw it had been TWO MONTHS since my last visit to the gym.

605 calories
6 miles
65 minutes (30 backwards, 35 forwards)

My brother convinced me to try doing the elliptical backwards, since it works different muscles than doing it forward.  Man, it was hard!  I could only do it for 30 minutes before my knees couldn't take anymore.  I did the last 35 minutes the "regular" way.

Then, like a moron, I decided to do the rest of my  workout the exact same way I had done my last workout TWO months ago.  Yeah....not so smart.  I was dying the next day!  So, naturally, that meant I didn't go again for a while.  <hangs head in shame>

This week, I got my jiggly behind back in the gym.  However, I only did the 65 minutes on the elliptical.  I skipped the machines, other than the stretching machine, because I figured I should ease my way back up to where I was.  I KNOW that if I push it, and hurt myself, it'll be that much longer before I go back.

603 calories
5.58 miles
65 minutes

609 calories
5.77 miles
65 minutes

I totally screwed up keeping track of my walking/running miles, since I didn't log all the runs at the park.  I see that the last time I totaled my elliptical miles was back in JUNE.  But, here are the new totals:

2013 Elliptical Totals
45,912 calories
397.88 miles

I'm REALLY going to make an effort to get back to my daily visits to the gym.  I already missed yesterday thanks a bunch of "stuff," so I'm not happy with myself right now.  I'm going to try like hell to get there as soon as I finish this post.  Wish me luck!

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