Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Some biznitch was on MY elliptical machine today when I got to the gym.  Some nerve, huh??!!

So, I changed it up a bit, and used a treadmill today.  I programmed it for the "fat burn" routine, and got busy.  The mileage isn't as high as what I do on the elliptical, but then I realized it's about how far I go when I go for a run, so I'm happy with it.  Plus, the "fat burn" program changes the incline of the machine throughout the workout, so most of the 65 minutes was "uphill."  (I don't really understand what the incline numbers mean, but the highest incline the machine gave me was 11.4.  Is that high?)

647 calories
3.2 miles
65 minutes

AbCoaster 2x(30/30/30)

The last time I totaled my walk/run miles was back in July, so I'm not even going to bother, since 2013 is almost over.

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