Friday, December 21, 2012


I decided to just go ahead and start a second blog dedicated to this journey toward a healthier me.  This way you won't have to suffer through the boring stuff when you're over at the other blog.  (You're welcome!)  I've decided to keep my ticker on both blogs, though, since I need to be held (publicly) accountable.

I'm not exactly sure how I want to set this up quite yet.  I know I want to track my exercise, as well as my weight loss.  So far, I've been recording my daily calories burned, distance and time.  I guess I'll start there for now, and play the rest by ear.

I've only belonged to the gym for 6 days now.  So far, this is what I've done:

12/15/12 Treadmill
300+ calories
3+ miles
53 minutes

(I feel like I need to explain these weird numbers.  This was the morning I joined the gym.  While I was getting the tour, and filling out the paperwork, Magnum went and started his workout.  [He joined about 2 weeks before me]  When I was finished "joining," I decided to jump right in and get on the treadmill.  However, I wasn't sure how much longer Magnum needed, so I set it for 30 minutes.  When the 30 minutes was up, he happened to wander over to check on me, and said he needed another 15-20 minutes, so I set the treadmill for another 15 minutes.  The treadmill automatically programs in a "cool down" period, which explains the weird number of minutes.  Also, it didn't occur to me that day to record the info on my phone, so I just tried to remember the actual numbers.  Yeah, well, my brain is too old for that!  The next day, I started making notations on my phone's notepad.  Magnum is "old school," and literally carries a little pad of paper with him to write his notes.)

12/16/12 Treadmill
379 calories
3.24 miles
65 minutes (60 minute "workout" + 5 minute "cool down")

12/17/12 Treadmill
361 calories
3.09 miles
65 minutes

12/18/12 Treadmill
378 calories
3.22 miles
65 minutes

12/20/12 Treadmill
384 calories
3.3 miles
65 minutes

12/21/12 Elliptical
600 calories (whooey!  Guess I'd better stick to the elliptical!)
3.12 miles
65 minutes

So far, in the past 6 days, I've:
burned >2,402 calories
walked >15.85 miles
ellipticalled (?) 3.12 miles  (what would you call it?  It's not walking, it's not running, I don't know!)

I'm going to see if I can find a ticker to track these totals, cuz I'm WAY to lazy to add them myself everyday. 


  1. I call it ellipticizing. :) Go you!!

  2. Good for you. I'm totally along for the ride and about to eat my arm or one of my kids.