Sunday, December 23, 2012



602 calories
3.39 miles
65 minutes

>3605 calories
>25.71 miles

I was thinking maybe I would do a running total by week.  But, I do like seeing the big numbers when I do an all-time total.  Any thoughts?

BTW, I finally got a comment yesterday, and it was SPAM!  That's what I get for not using word verification. :(


  1. hey girlie!! its me, JOJO!! i miss you!! i went into PIER 1 IMPORTS specifically to see penguins and think of you!!! i bought 3 penguin ornaments, but they didn't have the ONE that i wanted!! i went specially for the one where his foot was "squooshed" in the cupcake!! they were all sold out!!! poo poo!! see what happens when you collect these birdies??? lol
    well, girlfriend, i already lost all my weight, so what do i do, just hang out here? lol with the tape measure just dangling? and do what.....hold your donut while you work out? ok.....LMAO!

  2. I'm gonna need you to get over the spam and get rid of word verification.