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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


640 calories
5 miles
65 minutes

That's right, bitches, I hit 5 miles today!!!  Woo hoo!!!  I probably won't be able to walk tomorrow, but that's ok.  Truthfully, I feel great right now, so pray that I'm wrong.  It seems I get my best workouts when I'm pissed as hell at Magnum.  Hmmm...don't know how I feel about that...if only I could harness all the past hatred... ;-)

Ab crunches 2x30@50
Straight arm abs 3x30@50 (ended up doing an extra set here because there was an annoying couple holding me up on the ab machines today.  Ugh!)
Inner thigh 2x30@60
Outer thigh 2x30@60 (upped these two again.  Felt great!)
Donkey Kicks 30@50
Obliques 2x30@50

Had two Hydro Massages again today.  One from hip to shoulder, one full body.  I seriously want one of these machines in my house!!  If I ever hit it big, that's the FIRST thing I'm buying!

2013 Totals
 9091 calories
56.34 miles


  1. That is awesome! Take an advil and call me in the morning. LOL

  2. Yahooo! That's almost a 10K! It is soooo much more fun than an gotta do one. Plus you get a t-shirt and benefit a good cause :)
    GO GIRL!

  3. Holy crap girl - so proud of you!!! Keep up the awesome work and know that your goals are closer and closer every damn day. AND that you inspire the rest of us out here who are battling our own buldges!!!

  4. OH and you probably know this, although I was an athlete for 20 years before I heard it - protein (like a shake or even a glass of milk) within 30 minutes of your workout is totally magic = NO PAIN. I swear. If you didn't know this, try it. AND what is it with annoying couples hogging the ab machine? I finally had to say, "Hey guys, this is my last machine and I do need to get back to work soon...." They were just hanging out chatting on it!

  5. I walk a mile a day and am a real braggart about it at work.