Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Has it really been almost NINE months?!?!

Good Lord, I've been a HUGE slacker.  I got a job back in January, and in the next five months, managed to gain between 15 and 20 lbs.  Then, I quit, intending to get my (once again!!) huge butt back to the gym, and fix the situation.  Instead, I gained another 5 lbs, bringing us to a grand total of 25 lbs.  Ok, it was actually only 24 lbs.  Whatever.

I hit a wall last week, and finally made the decision to fix things before the other 60 pounds crept back.  I got to the gym Sunday, for the first time since last December.  WTF?!

I could sit here and go on and on about what's been going on, but instead, I'm just going to track my numbers.

594 calories
3.75 miles
65 minutes

607 calories
4.21 miles
65 minutes

8/27/14 (yes, I missed the gym yesterday.  I was watching my niece.  I know, crap excuse)
603 calories
4.25 miles
65 minutes

So far, I'm down 3 pounds this week.  Let's hope the trend continues.

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  1. Friend!!! I've missed you. I've only blogged a tad myself. Shoot me an email and let me know what's been going on if you want. I'd love to catch up!